Friday, 11 May 2012

Wheatear and Grasshopper warbler Bonanza

well what a year for wheatears,today I counted 17 in one field and all of them look like 'greenlands' to me .So far this spring I have had over 60 individulas which is better than the last 5 years put together and also 6 Grasshopper warblersso far.The other species doing well are short eared owl with 13 sightins to press.Also today a lesser whitethroat at the crem with 2 Buzzards low overhead.Ravens with 3 young and Lesser repolls displaying at an upland site.Also had 2 pairs of stonechats this week which have become pretty scarce.


Anonymous said...

Must have been more than one location surely?

DJSutcliffe said...

Not a bad week or two for you Andy. I read somewhere that the flight from Britain to Greenland for the Wheatears is 30 hrs flying time and probably nowhere to stop off for a rest unless its a ship!

AndyC said...

Yep all over the place in Calderdale even so a very good passage this year due to the easterlys.