Thursday, 28 July 2011


An amazing 55 Small tortoiseshell butterflys along the drain and a Whimbrel was herd calling overhead.A few grouse chicks were flushed and a beautiful male Merlin was seen very well sat on a fence post.1 Common Scoter on the reservoir made enjoyable trip.The mad local crow killer was most amusing..saying its gods will to kill raptors and Crows its in the bible you know .ITS GODs WILL...

Sunday, 24 July 2011


3 stock doves,88 Jackdaws ,5 greenfinch,3 Goldfinch,1 House Martin ,25 swallows mainly juvs with lots of ariel feeding between adults and juuvs.a new colony of 25 House Sparrows and 3 Sand martins heading N/west
Also this week a very strange sight of a Magpie carrying a dead House sparrow in its beak.???It may have picked it up dead off the road.? the male and female sparrowhawk have been attacking the sparrows all week but I think they are stating with there 3rd brood as I have seen them copulating this week.?

Monday, 18 July 2011

Over the weekend

A real feel of Autumn over the weekend with LBBGulls and BH Gulls on the move east and west.55 House sparrows,3 Stock Doves , 6 goldfinch , 4 pied wagtail ,Sparrowhawk taking Collard Doves in the back garden,plenty of young starlings and Jackdaws about and a Hobby hunting the first gathering Swallows(about 30).Swifts in good numbers and a couple of House Martins.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Queensbury..Littlemoor park

A walk round littlemoor park in queensbury today started well just before the park with 32 Lapwings in the usual place.A colony of Ringlets in the park was a real treat with at least 25 individulas with a few pairs in cop.
A singing garden warbler and plenty of Swifts and swallows around.8 BH Gulls flew over and a juv Great spot and 2 juv Robins made for a good trip to this new area for me...

Sunday, 3 July 2011


A very nice adult yellow Legged Gull with 15 LBBgulls and 15 BHGulls, 1 Bullfinch ,willow warbler, Goldcrest and cole Tit.