Sunday, 20 May 2012

Swift mega move and a few breeders

Got my first young starlings ,magpies, and green Woodpeckers this morning along with Great spots feeing young at the nest site,2 Chiffs ,3 Blackcaps and 4 willow warblers in good song . Vis 4.00 - 5 ,30 Swift 491 nn/e LBBGull 2 nn/e House martin 9 north Swallow 5 north


DJSutcliffe said...

Only half adozen Swifts through Soil Hill about the same time but I see BS got a good number later on.

Brian Sumner . said...

Good Swift count there Andy, had about 100+ >N and >NE over Soil Hill yesterday around 1730-1800hrs.

AndyC said...

Yep it was good to get so many the first group was about 200,then 100 and then a steady trickle of 20's and 10's,,Great Dunlin shota Bri