Friday, 27 March 2015

Hodbarrow to Ravenglass

2 Slavonian Grebes on Hodbarrow was a real treat one in full summer and one in winter plumage, swimming together for comparison and 2 female Scaup , 7 greenshank , 30 Red breasted Merganser , 1 Barnacle Goose , 30 Pinks, a first summer Red Kite , Woodcock , Snipe , Blackcap , 14 Little Egrets an albino Red Deer at Foulshaw Moss...??

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Whooper dooper Swans

At 9.15 I looked out the window .....excellent pinks on the move a nice V formation very low.Got the bins on them for a count and ...Whoopers 53 brill ...a quick call to Bri and Dave to alert them to the swans..Glad dave got them from his garden...Then a look to the east wooooooooooooooowwww at least 3/4oo I estimated..........another quick call to Dave...185 went about 100 feet above the house.. the rest in all directions which I was unable to count . All the dog walkers and gardeners stopped to view this spectacular event......

Friday, 6 March 2015

Med Gull

First bird on Monday morning  was a Med Gull an adult summer. a few raptors Perry, Merlin , kes ,Sprawk  and plenty of territorial Buzzards. 21 pale bellied Brents and 54 Dark bellids at Roa island.5 Hawfinch (two singing males),6 Red Throated divers and 500 + Eiders (display and calls).
  Northowram over the weekend included  3 Linnets (first this year locally) , 2 Skylark and calling Green Woodpecker at Northowram today.2 Skylark and a female sTONECHAT.