Sunday, 17 January 2021

Soil Hill

 Had a quick blast round the Hill today , Woodpigeon , Sock Dove , Greenfinch , House Sparrow , Kestrel , Stonechat ,3 Fieldfare , BH Gull , Common Gull , Herring Gull , Starling and Blackbird...

Saturday, 16 January 2021

A slow week ......

 A pretty grim week with very little to report...The male Sparrowhawk a couple of Buzzards at home and the odd Stonechat ..........................

Thursday, 7 January 2021


 Surprisingly busy up on the tops today , with plenty birds about, Little Owl , Reed Bunting , Mallards ,Meadow Pipit ,Rook , Herring Gull , Black headed Gull ,Stock Dove , Woddpigeon , Pheasant , Carrion Crow , Stonechat  and a Wren. I was very surprised to see a Merlin flying about the snow covered moors and even more so when it stooped from a great height and dive bombed a ringtail Hen Harrier...!!  

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Soil Hill

Had a walk on Ned hill track today and then over the Hill and back round ..Plenty Common , BH Gulls , and Herring Gulls flying in all directions..A murder of  Carrion Crows (8) were kicking around and the 6 Bullfinch brightened things up..I then stumbled on a Weasel which was entertaining for a while , I think these are Weasel prints in the snow , I dont think they are Squirrel .? A few Goldfinch , Pied Wagtail ,Collared Dove ,Rook , Mistle Thrush and 4 Stock Dove , Pen- y - Gent in the distance looked very impressive...... ..

Friday, 1 January 2021

New year Ned Hill

 Just made it for the last 40 minutes of the day , Kestrel x 1 , Bullfinch x 5 , 1 Meadow Pipit , Carrion Crow , Magpie , Robin , Stock Dove x 1 ,Bh Gull , Common Gull  and Herring Gull.......1 Roe Deer

3rd , Little Owl , 1 Snipe , 3 Fieldfare , Lapwing , Starling , 300 Pinks North and 15 Goldies by Shelf trailer Park..

1 Stonechat on Norland moor 2 Jan 2021

Little Grebe at Shibden , Mute Swan , Coot , Moorhen , Mallard , Canada Goose , Grey and pied Wags...

4TH ..A cracking juv female Peregrine Falcon today over Soil Hill ,,,biting wind up there today ....

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Ned Hill

 The last walk on Ned Hill track of 2020 , 1 Cormorant over , 5 Bullfinch , 10 Common Gull , 1 Chaffinch , 2 Blue Tit , 1 Kestrel , 5 Roe Deer   and 1 Wren..Been a bit of a life saver this year Ned Hill track..

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

A few highlights from 2020

                                                          Long tailed Blue
                                           Westeren Silver studded Blue
                                                             Large Blue
                                                           Dark Green Fritillary
                                                            Four Spotted Chaser
                                                                  Roe Deer
                                                            Silver Spotted Skipper
                                                          Chalkhill Blue female
                                                         Scorched Wing
                                                               Elephant Hawkmoths

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Adult Winter Med Gull

 Adult Med Gull today at Thornton , there were 2 ,1st winter s about but could not relocate them..Thanks to MP and good to see you Bri , in typical Queensbury weather.....54 Pink Footed Geese , 6 Rooks and 5 Stock Doves west around lunch time

Soil Hill..
 Kestrel , Sparrowhawk , 2 Meadow Pipit , 1Snipe ,6  Magpie , Stock Dove , Chaffinch , Goldfinch , Blackbird , Mallard , Moorhen , LBBGull , Herring Gull , BH gull ,Common Gull , Starling  , Carrion Crow and a distant hunting LEO near Ogden...and a few Pink -footed Geese over Beacon Hill 300+ (thanks DJS)

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Out and about

Had a couple of Stonechats on Soil Hill but it is very muddy on every path at the moment..1 Snipe and bumped into NK..cheers Nigel....hope you had a good day..Lower Gorple had a couple of Barn Owl ,Little Owl , 1 Woodcock and 138 Pinks over west...

Monday, 21 December 2020

Owls and Woodcock

 The local Tawny Owls have been very vocal for the last couple of week early morning and early evening, it even landed on the house roof last week, Little Owl and Barn Owl up on the hills and a distant Long Eared Owl the very back of Ogden..I flushed another Woodcock near Ned Hill track .The Bullfinch flock was still kicking about yesterday and 5 Fieldfale , 2 Greenfinch and 1 Mistle thrush were close by.." 2 Harriers  were also seen well this week..

Monday, 14 December 2020

Ned Hill Mud Bath

 Had a walk on Ned Hill track today its very muddy on there so take your wellies. As I got to the heather patch 7 Bullfinch were sat in the middle of it 3 Males and 4 females ,,,!! I flushed a Woodcock up on the top and a flock of 45 Lapwings and 2 Skylarks flew south which made for a excellent afternoon walk..The Bullfinch flock was 8 today the 17th with a Song Thrush as well....

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Water Pipit and Calderdale today..

                                                           pic DB.....
 Glad to catch up with this little beauty today,,very smart and showed well in the drain from the boat house all the way to the road ..3 Red Grouse , 2 Carrion Crow , ..60 Pinks over the House at lunch and then Barn Owl and Hen Harrier showed well on the moors..Also seems to have been a very good year for Calderdales Mute Swans with 8 + 4 + 2 seen in the last few days...

Monday, 7 December 2020

Sharp and Round HAW...Skipton

 Another beautiful day on the hills , watched a Stoat being mobbed by about 15 Meadow Pipits which was  a first , 2 Stonechat , 1 Red Grouse and lots of Carrion Crows....

Saturday, 5 December 2020

Gorple Area early Dec

 Seems to be a good flock of Reed Buntings about with at least 25 + this morning , this attracted a Male Sparrowhawk but it missed ...    !! A Peregrine was causing havoc with the Grouse with two flocks of 20 /30 birds been scattered in all directions .A small group of 18 Pinks headed s/w. Grey Wagtail , Wren ,3 Meadow Pipits ,Raven Mallard , Teal , Little Owl ,Barn Owl , Kestrel , Buzzard and a distant Harrier.......

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

9 Standards Rigg

 Early morning saw the whole hill side alive with Red Grouse , calling and carrying on..2 Kestrel , 2 Red Kite 2 Buzzards , 1 Woodcock and 1 Grey Heron flew high south.....

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Dawn at Lower Gorple

A juv Merlin was watched this morning chasing Woodpidgeons !!!! , 7 Teal , 1 Raven , a very loud skiene of Pink Footed geese followed by 7 BH Gull and a small flock of 6 Reed Buntings,,,,The dawn chorus was of 30 + calling Red Grouse and a distant calling Raven an unexpected noise to start the day..

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Elland Gravel Pits......(no more)

There were at least 200 people walking round today with at least 50 dogs,,,,,,Long Tailed Tits , Buzzard, Cormorant and Grey Wag was all I could muster....Its amazing that this site has not produced a Cettis Warbler , Bearded Tit ,another Bittern or something of the last few years...

Friday, 13 November 2020


A windy day up at Ringstone , 2 LBB Gulls , 200 +BH Gulls and 50 + Common Gulls on the water but nothing else of note.70 Canada Geese , 4 Redwing , 3 Fieldfare and a Blackbird.Pretty quiet for Ringstone then out of nowhwere 3 Peregrines were playing around just abouve the water stooping at the gulls and generally having a good time, great too this magnificent raptor....

Wednesday, 11 November 2020


Whooper Swan on the res and a few Ravens cronking away...A fantastic flock of Starlings over the house first thing at least 500 +...

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Ilkley Moor

Tweleve Apostles , Bager Stone and various Cups and rings.....Raven , Red Kite , meadow Pipit and lots of Red Grouse