Sunday 21 January 2024

Mid - January

 Its a pretty grim January so far with strong winds and heavy rain...Tree Sparrows , Siskin and a few Teal on Jay House lane...Plenty of Pink footed geese heading west . Hen Harriers  have been seen over and around Walshaw Dean . Goldeneye , at Cromwell and Little else.....

Thursday 18 January 2024

 Watched this Hen Harrier yesterday up beyond Lower Gorple. It was sat out in the sun preening for about 30 minutes . Started on the right wing primary's each individual one cleaned and polished, then the left wing and then all the tail feathers left to right..,,when it had done them all it gave its self an almighty shake from top to this point a dog walker flushed it from its post...!!! 6 Crossbills , 1 female Merlin , Kestrel , Red Grouse , 3 Greenfinch , 2 Meadow Pipit and 2 Reed Buntings.....

Thursday 11 January 2024

Sparrowhawk feathers and Glossy Ibis

 Found this dead female Sparrowhawk the other day , may have been taken by a Fox, or died and was then picked up by a Fox


Dropped into Swilly for the Glossy Ibis , GW Egret , Little Egret , Water Rail , Red Kites....etc....

Friday 5 January 2024

Black Throated Thrush

Finally caught up with the Black throatrd Thrush at Top Hill Low...a beauty showed really well. Pics are poor but hey ho...,Gadwall , Whooper Swans , Bullfinch .....

Wednesday 3 January 2024


 A really excellent trip to Bridestones , A adult female Hen Harrier was watched hunting low over the fields just to the south of the stones. It landed in some juncuss and was flushed out by two Carrion Crows 

It then flew low over the Bridestone , hunted for a minute then headed off towards Egypt , 1 Fieldfare , 2 Snipe , 8 Red Grouse , 20 Lapwing , 2 Magpie , 4 Carrion Crow and 10 Pheasants. 1 dead Common Shrew and 3 Roe Deer...Golden Plover , Grey heron was a surprise ,Kestrel took vole off a Barn Owl

Tuesday 2 January 2024

New Years Day........

Northowram first thing , Jackdaw ,Carion Crow , Rook ,Magpie , BH Gull , Wren , Blue Tit ,Robin ,Mistle Thrush ,Redwing , Fieldfare , Blackbird , Sparrowhawk , Collared Dove , Woodpigeon , Feral Pigeon , Stock Dove , Common Gull , Great Tit, Starling and Dunnock ,

 Bridestones ..Stonechat , Golden Plover , Lapwing , Red Grouse , Starling , Fieldfare ,100 + Pink footed Geese and the star of the day 4 differnet Barn Owls hunting in the afternoon sunshine,,,,beauty

Wednesday 13 December 2023


Stopped at the JET garage in Gainsborough for some petrol...I know that call...20  Waxwings.....nice one

Monday 11 December 2023

Short toed Snake Eagle

 Without doubt the best bird to be seen in Calderdale .....Short toed Snake Eagle , 29th April 2022 pity no local birders saw it................

Saturday 9 December 2023

London by train for the Day

                                                             Blue Whale

 Carion Crow , Ring necked Parakeet , Magpie , Feral Pigeon and Herring Gull.......

National History Museum


Monday 4 December 2023


 Thanks DJS for finally pinning down some Halifax Waxwings , with 15 on St Albans Road by the Hospital on Friday , this one was one of the 25 in Todmorden taken by Bri Leesey..

A good move of Pink footed Geese on Saturday , all heading west,,,

200 +  at 10.42

100 + at 10.44

175 + at 12.57

57 at 13.41

31 at 14.41

563 apox.....

Wednesday 29 November 2023


Just found this one from the  spring......................

The sweet smell of Otter poo.....!!!!!

First time ive seen Otter poo in Calderdale..and it does smell ok..a bit like damp hay...who knew...!!!Cheers Andy where is that White clawed Crayfish,,,,,,

                                                                      Lepista soridida

Wednesday 22 November 2023

November /Pine Marten

 The Great Northern Diver at Ringstone was the first decent bird locally for a while.(nice one PD and LD) ..A couple of Hen Harrier sightings from Lower Gorple and a Woodcock flew over the garden on Saturday morning .The odd flock of Pink footed Geese east..A half decent move of Woodpigeon totalled only 6,600 birds. 

   Hen Harrier , Peregrine , 2 Barn Owls , 3 Woodcock , Kestrel , Greylags , Mallard , Common Gull and BH Gulls at Lower Gorple...

This photo of a Pine Marten was taken in Calderdale in August /September time ...Brilliant

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Dusky Warbler

 Dusky Warbler at Hartendale today Flambrough , 3 Swallows , 1 Woodcock , 1 Brambling, Chiffchaff , Tree Sparrow , Yellowhammer ,Sparrowhawk really awful weather but good to be out....

Saturday 14 October 2023

Lower |Gorple.....

  A really excellent couple of evenings at Lower Gorple , started with a female Ring Ousel down on the rocks just out of the car park.. 223 Pink -footed Geese west , 30 Golden Plover on the tops . a scattering of Meadow Pipits and a few Pied Wagtails. 2 Greylags and 2 Canada Geese kicking about .1 female Sparrowhawk , 3 Kestrel , 2 Barn Owls  and a few Bussards . Three Whooper Swans are the first of the winter season (2 adults and a Juv). 3 Ringtail Hen Harries and a cracking adult male made my weekend,,,,,,,,,Monday...1 Cream Crowned Marsh Harrier , Raven , 1 adult female Hen Harrier and 1 Barn Owl ( with golden wings ,there is one with very white wings)

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Local Waxcaps


                                                               Blackening Waxcap