Monday, 6 June 2022

Latvia May 2022

  Highlights included , Black Woodpecker at nest , Ural Owl , Grey Headed Woodpecker , Thrush Nightingale , Scarlet Rosefinch , Citrine Wagtail , breeding Montagu's Harrier , displaying Lesser Spotted Eagle , Bluethroat , Barred Warbler singing , Common Cranes , Hawfinch (26 in one flock) , Red breasted Fly , White tailed Eagle (9 together + one carrying dead Crane , Golden Oriole , Red necked Grebes , Wryneck , Middle spotted Woddpecker , Caspian Tern , White winged Black tern , Whiskered tern  , Map butterfly , Northern Chequred Skipper..Common Clubtail , Moose , Beaver and Wild Boar...and many more

List of Birds

Greylag Goose pretty common on lakes at Eugures Ezera

White -fronted Goose only one seen near Kolka

Barnacle Goose  ..4 seen on the sea at kolka 

Dark bellied Brent Goose 4 + 2 at Kolka

Mute Swan ..Common throughout

Whooper Swan.....birds seen heading north at Kolka and at least 4 breeding pairs at Fishponds and at Eugures Ezera

Shelduck , Garganey , Shoveler

Gadwall an impressive flock of 130 + at Fishponds and small numbers  at 

Widgeon at Eugures Ezera and Eugures Ezera

Mallard common throughout

Pintail  at Eugures Ezera and Fishponds

Teal 4 at Eugures Ezera and a few at Fishponds

Pochard at Eugures Ezera

Tufted Duck at  Eugures Ezera

Greater Scaup a few males on the sea at Kolka

Eider small numbers on the coast around Kolka..

Velvet Scoter  good numbers at Kolka most days with 70 + 

Common Scoter large numbers at Kolka

Long -tailed Duck 

Goldeneye small flocks on the sea at Kolka (aprox 35 +)

Red -breasted Merganser Common around Kolka point with birds seen displaying

Goosander , A common resident

Mandarin Duck ** 

Quail ...1/2 call in fields at the southern end of fishponds

Little Grebe ...1 at fishponds was the only sighting

Great Crested Grebe...common throughout

Red -necked Grebe ..a good breeding population at Fishponds and at Eugures Ezera. Seen fighting with Great Crested Grebes over nest location..

Slavonian seen at Fishponds in summer plumage.

Feral Pigeon ,Stock Dove ,Woodpigeon , Collared Dove

Turtle Dove 5 seen at Kolka

Common Cuckoo very common one hepatic bird was seen at the Fishponds.

Eurasian Nightjar watched displaying and catching insects in woodland near Lake Lubans .

Common Swift ..common

Eurasian Coot ,common

Common Crane  , common throughout with a large group of 55 + on woodland drive just outside Kolka , and birds with young at Kemeru raised bog , can be seen and herd just about anywhere.

Eurasian Oystercatcher  seen at Kolka

European Golden-Plover  , 2 only 

Northern Lapwing ..Common in suitable habitat , seen when driving between sites and good numbers at Fishponds

Common Ringed Plover ...Kolka point held a few birds daily

Little Ringed Plover ....small numbers seen at various sites.

Bar-tailed Godwit ..1 at Kolka point

Black-tailed Godwit ..2 + 4 at Fishponds 

Sanderling ..2 at Kolka point

Eurasian Woodcock , seen most evenings with birds very close and roding..

Common Snipe ....

Common Sandpiper 

Green Sandpiper 

Spotted Redshank ..I in near full summer plumage at Fishponds

Marsh Sandpiper ..1 seen in flight at fishponds 

Wood Sandpiper ..2 birds displaying on the ground and in flight  and showing well at Kemeri Raised Bog .

Common Redshank 

Black-headed Gull...Common 

Little Gull...large  numbers at Eugures Ezera with 1000+ birds 

Common Gull ..Common

Herring Gull ..Common 

Lesser Black-backed Gull ..Common 

Great Black-backed Gull ...A few individuals near Kolka 

Caspian Tern .....Eugures Ezera

Picture above Caspian Tern , Little Gull , BH Gull and Common Tern

Black Tern ...A small breeding colony at Fishponds and small numbers at Eugures Ezera

White-winged Tern 

Whiskered Tern 

Common Tern 

Arctic Tern ..Small numbers on passage

Sandwich Tern ..Common at Kolka

Red-throated Diver ..small numbers at Kolka

Black -throated Diver ...excellent passage at Kolka point with 12 the first afternoon the next few days saw 300 + , 70 , 80 and 1 ..flying right overhead ...

Great Northern Diver 

White Stork 

Black Stork ..One seen very well 

Great Cormorant...Common to abundant at Cape Kolka ...

Bittern....Seen very well at Eugures Ezera with 2 birds together  and could be herd calling from the garden at Fishponds..Great to see and hear...

Grey Heron...Regular

Great White Egret...Common the first 3 at Kolka were heading North out to sea.

Osprey..Common with upto 3 seen together at Fishponds and a regular sight .

Lesser (never)Spotted Eagle.....After renaming this species the Never Spotted Eagle we finally saw 2 on the last day just south of the fishponds.It was worth the wait as they put on a display , with stooping twisting and prolonged scope views.................

Marsh Harrier..Common 

Montagues Harrier......A 2cy male was seen at Kolka and a pair the fishponds gave stunning views.The male and female food pass was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Northern Goshawk..One seen distantly on an evening drive whilst watching a Black Woodpecker at the nest.

Eurasian Sparrowhawk...

White -tailed Eagle..Seen most days in good numbers but  9 together at the fishponds was memorable to say the least..

Common Buzzard...common 

Honey Buzzard..Small numbers seen on passage at Kolka and a bird displaying at Eugures Ezera...

Tawny Owl..herd calling from the garden at Kolka

Ural Owl ...Wow a stunner.....

Short - eared Owl..One at Kolka on the first day was our only sighting coming in off the sea.

Hoopoe.. A few sightings from the car and a nest site on the coast.

Common Kingfisher ..2 sightings at 

Eurasian Wryneck ..not as common as expected but seen well on a couple of occasions.

Middle Spotted Woodpecker ..Nest site found and male and female both watched feeding young..brilliant...

Great Spotted Woodpecker ...Common

Grey-headed Woodpecker ..Seen very well on a couple of occasions at  , excellent attractive species.

Black Woodpecker  joint bird of the trip for me with the first one in the back garden at Kolka. We eventually found a nest site where close views were obtained and many more sightings around Latvia.

Eurasian Kestrel ..Common 

Eurasian Hobby ...Very Common the commonest raptor of the trip

Peregrine Falcon ,,,Seen at Kolka ...

Eurasian Golden Oriole ,, again a common garden bird with birds singing from first light at Kolka and at the fishponds , not so often seen but occasionally a stunning male would show itself.. 

Red-backed Shrike of the first birds seen at Kolka from the front room . One morning there were 4 on next doors fence ..seen most days in good number..

Eurasian Jay ...Common

Eurasian Magpie...Common

Eurasian Jackdaw ...Common some 'Nordic Types ' were seen if looked for

Rook ..Common

Hooded Crow ..Common

Common Raven ..Common

Coal Tit .. 2 seen at Kolka point

Crested Tit ..4 birds seen very well , 

Willow Tit only 2 seen near Cape Kolka

Eurasian Blue Tit ...Common

Great Tit..Common

Eurasian Penduline-Tit ...My favourite find of the trip ,on the first day one was found in the last fallen down tree on Kolka point....herd at the fishponds and Lake Lubans

Wood Lark ...Common

Eurasian Skylark ...Common

Latvia May 2022

                                                            Common Crane
                                                           Scarlet Rosefinch (cheers GW)

List of Birds...continued ..

Icterine Warbler 

Sedge Warbler 

Blyth's Reed Warbler 

Marsh Warbler 

Eurasian Reed Warbler 

Great Reed Warbler

River Warbler 

Savi's Warbler 

Common Grasshopper-Warbler 

Wood Warbler  

Willow Warbler  


Greenish Warbler 

Long-tailed Tit  


Garden Warbler 

Barred Warbler ..Another bird of the trip a stunning adult male singing at the fishponds in a ditch next to the local shop...stunner

Lesser Whitethroat.....common singing bir 

Greater Whitethroat 


Sand Martin 

Barn Swallow 

Common House-Martin 

Eurasian Treecreeper 

Eurasian Wren 

European Starling

Mistle Thrush 

Song Thrush 




Spotted Flycatcher 

European Robin 

Thrush Nightingale ..


Red-breasted Flycatcher 

European Pied Flycatcher 

Common Redstart 

Black Redstart 


Northern Wheatear


House Sparrow 

Eurasian Tree Sparrow 

Gray Wagtail 

Western Yellow Wagtail 

Citrine Wagtail ....

White Wagtail 

Meadow Pipit 

Tree Pipit 

Common Chaffinch ..large flocks at  Cape Kola in the pines and generally common everywhere


Hawfinch..A common species in Latvia and good numbers were seen at Kolka migrating north a flock of 26 high north was one of the many highlights of the trip. 5 in the garden at Kolka...

Scarlet Rosefinch 

A common bird in Latvia with birds singing there common ' Pleased to meet you call' just about everywhere ,40 + seen on one day at Kolka .Many are the dull female types but occasionally a stunning male will appear singing from the top of a tree or bush ..This one above was at Lake Lubans and was a real stunner. (Pic Gary Waddington)

Eurasian Bullfinch ..Common at Kolka migrating north ,all seemed to be the large Northern types with Trumpet call... 

Common Redpoll (only 1 seen at Cape Kolka)

European Greenfinch , Linnet , Red Crossbill , European Goldfinch , European Serin and  Siskin....generally common throughout 

Reed Bunting  common at Lake Lubans and around the fishponds..

Latvia May 2022.......Butterflies and Critters..


Continental Swallowtail


Small White 

Green Veined White

Large White

Orange Tip

Wood White


Red Admiral

Painted Lady

Green Hairstreak ..abundant

Small Copper

Sooty Copper 

Grizzled Skipper

Chequered Skipper

Northern Chequered Skipper

Map Butterfly

Small Heath

Small Blue 

Holly Blue

Common Blue

Heath  Fritillary

Bog Fritillary..

Camberwell Beauty (not seen by me)


Speckled Yellow , Common Heath , Beautiful Hook Tip , Brown Silver Lines , Bloodvein ,White Ermine , Burnet Campion , Small Yellow Underwing , Common Carpet , White Pinion Spotted ,  Northern Eggar (cat) , Lackey (cat) , Drinker (cat) Scarlet Tiger (cat) , 


Four Spotted Chaser

Banded Demoseille 

Common Yellow Club tail

Emerald sp 

White Faced Darter sp 


Striped , + 2



Wild Boar



Brown Hare 


Red Deer

Roe Deer

Red Squirrel

Racoon Dog 

Pine Martin large male road victim...and Grass Snake video below...

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Red Kites

 Top Withens , 2 Red Kites , 5 Buzzards , 3 Kestrel , 2 SEOs..............



Saturday, 21 May 2022

Merlin and Wheatear

 Found these on the moor the other day , Wheatear tail feathers and female Merlin Primary....I flushed the Merlin by accident and then found the feathers on the ground........

Friday, 20 May 2022

Redshanks and Wood Tiger (cat)

 First Juv Stonechats(3) and Redshanks (3) today. Plenty SEO activity and Green Hairstreaks again..So pleased to find a local Wood Tiger caterpillar today been looking for years....

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

                                                    Short eared Owl
                                                        Green Hairstreak
                                                  Various Northern Eggars
                                 Masses of Common Heath on the wing this morning..500 + , Green Hairstreaks 50 + Green Veined White 10 + and Oak Eggar Cats 20 + ..the bottom cat is a Oak Eggar that had been stung by parasitic wasp.....!!!