Saturday, 26 May 2012

North Yorkshire

Golden Plover clutch Its nice when you can away and a few days in North Yorkshire produced 20+ Tree Pipit 7 Cuckoo 1 Male redstart 2 Willow tit 3 spotted fly 1 male goshawk 1 pair Merlin 17 Whitethroat 1 lesser whitethroat 9 Garden warbler 6 Blackcap Lapwibg,Curlew,Golden Plove,Siskin,lesser redpoll and Crossbills were common.


Anonymous said...

I read it and I did weep.

AndyC said...

It was like going on holiday and getting paid....we who have local patches and stick to um..get so little reward for so much effort...must move some where decent one off round Northowram ......again.ahhhhhhhh

DJSutcliffe said...

Nice reward for survey work Andy. Tree Pipits especially. Wonder if we have any? - Nigel/Brian found 2 last year if I recall - at Ogden. I can't find any this year but will have to give it another try next week.