Saturday, 30 October 2010

Early Morning Vis...then nowt

Clear Skies ..7.30 - 8.15

657 Woodigeon s/w
2 GBBGull        west
6 Mistle Thrush   west
12 Fieldfare west
7 Redwing west
33 Starling west
14 Meadow Pipit west
6 Chaffinch west
after 8.15 an almost sudden stop to any more movment......

Thursday, 28 October 2010

South West Scotland...Top Vis

A few days in south west Scotland started with an early morning vis on Sunday the 24th October
Fieldfare 5600       NNE
Skylark     615      NNE
Redwing       4      NNE
Lapland Bunting  1 NNE
Whooper Swan  2 south
Hen Harrier(ringtail)  1 south
Meadow Pipit   86     NNE
Starling          800+      NNE
Jackdaw        670       south
Twite              14                 NNE
Greylag           9             south
Mistle Thrush  22  NNE
Linnet              1  NNE
Chaffinch         3 NNE
Brambling       4   NNE
Waxwing        25 WNW
Reed Bunting   1 NNE
(AC and KS)
Other Birds present
Rock Pipit                  28+
Black Throated Diver    2
Buzzard                         3
Raven                           4
Willow warbler            1
Twite (no rings maybe a differnt species?) 20 on beach(where they should be)
Eider  62
Snipe  3
The next morning before dawn Waxwing calls could be herd in the dark along with masses of Redwing,Skylark and Fieldfare but as dawn broke only 2 waxwings and a handful of Mipits were observed..........
Vis    27th
Whooper Swan  30 North
Hen Harrier  1 Adult male south
Swallow  1 south
Merlin 1 south

Friday, 22 October 2010


A fall of 300/400 woodpigeons this evening at about 5.30 circled round the field and then off s/w.Good numbers of fieldfare earlier on in the week.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Lost in the Fog

Could'nt find my lads football match today it was meant to be in Ripponden but I must have got the directions wrong/wright.
450 Pink Footed geese west over Ripponden
1 Cormorant  west over Ripponden
40 Lapwing N/w over Northowram
150 redwing s/w over Northowram
2  Ravens over green Withens clough
44 Common Gull Manor Heath

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Vis accsessories

Does any body know where i can buy a big GREEN (for camouflage) fisherman's 'flatback' umbrella ...??Im going birding in a remote part of Scotland for a week and aparently I need one of these.??