Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday sprwk

Only had ten minutes to bird today but it was a good 10..this sprwk sat on the wall,3 LBBGulls north ,1 Song Thrush belting its song out,1 Greenfinch displaying and a Mipit north....

Saturday, 30 March 2013


A single Curlew over the house was about as good as it got yesterday,,a few gulls on the move and a single Redwing north..

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Northowram Today

Cold easterly again with snow flurry's all day.2 LBBGulls early on and a few splendid Common and Black heads heading for breeding grounds further north. A new spot for Grey wag was a nice find, and plenty of  common birds singing in the occasional sunshine. The rookery stands at 40 nests.
 The highlight today was a female sparrowhawk carrying a RABBIT it left a great big pool of blood on the snow as it took off......must be getting tough out there for the birds of prey...........

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cromwell Bottom

A walk round today produced all the usual birds.. Cormorant 9 , Mute Swan 2 , Little Grebe 1,
Redpoll, Siskin (some stonking males) Bullfinch, goosander , Grey Wagtail ,Grey heron ,Sparrowhawk , LTTits ,Jay and a large number of small gulls , nowt in with um .....

Monday, 25 March 2013

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snowed out

Needless to say it snowed all night and most of today,,,2 waxwings trilling on the wires outside the newsagents was  the highlight of today,a steady stream of BHGulls all north and 6 Dunnocks around the bird table..

Owl pellets

Your Little Owl pellets contained a number of the necessary bits which allowed me to confirm my original suspicions of your leaf beetle – it is Chrysolina oricalcia. The species is afforded the national status of Notable B – occurring in between 31 and 100 10km squares of the national grid. Other species in the Little Owl pellets were:
The ground beetles – Nebria brevicollis (F.) , Pterostichus madidus (F.) and Pterostichus nigrita/rhaeticus, a scavenger water beetle – Helophorus sp., a dor beetle – Geotrupes sp., the dung beetles – Aphodius sphacelatus (Panz.) and Aphodius fimetarius/pedellus, and a ground dwelling weevil – Barynotus obscurus (F.).
The beetle in the Long-eared Owl pellet was Catops tristis (Panz.). This species, along with most others of the genus, are to be found in rotting detritus – anything from dead mammals/birds, stable refuse and grass heaps – damp owl pellets are ideal. The species is common, so much so that in the mid 1970s a pit fall trap in North Dean Wood, Greetland was overflowing with specimens – they had
pilled in after the remains of a shrew which had inadvertently fallen into the trap.
Many thanks to mike Denton for this information...
The Tawny Owls have had another frog a couple of Birds and another 6 Field voles..

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Scarlet Elf Cup

Found these beautiful fungi at ogden,after years of looking there they where ,standing out in the snow..

Murdering Crows

2 Carrion Crows murdered a magpie today in the field next to the house.They pecked it to death repeatedly smashing it in the head till it died,it put up a good fight for about 10 minutes it tried to get away,but in the end it was outnumbered.I got it in the scope for a while but it was too grusome to watch.......They didnt eat it,just killed it.................

Monday, 18 March 2013

Owl pellets

The top skull is puzzling and below various bird beaks found in LEO pellets from from site No2
There were 134 Field vole,1 wood mouse,1 pygmy shrew,1 Mole,5 bird sp(1 dunnock maybe),30 beetle Larva,1 Beetle,1 parasitic fly,3 caterpillar skulls and a full pot of things still to be id'd...all very interesting..

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Little owl pellets

There were two species of ground beetle – Nebria brevicollis (F.) and Pterostichus madidus (F.), a scavenger water beetle – Helophorus sp., a dor beetle – Geotrupes sp., a leaf beetle – Chrysolina sp. (probably oricalcia (Muller)) and a ground dwelling weevil – Barynotus sp.
The Chrysolina is most interesting as, if it is oricalcia, it is very rare. Unfortunately there are only remains of the wing cases – a thorax or two would confirm it. If you have any further samples please drop them in the post and I’ll see what I can find.
Got this information from Mike denton today who analaysed the little Owl pellets beetle content,if any one is in the area of the Little Owl site and can find any pellets i would be very grateful for them.I have too much work on this week to do any birding .....Skylark singing yesterday

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Long -eared Owl Pellets

An extensive search of an upland plantation with eagle eyed MH produced an astonishing 75 Long eared Owl pellets,the whole area was scattered with single pellets with two areas where the owl must roost as the ground was covered with pellets and old decayed pellets.
 The first 3 analaysed produced evidence of 3 Field Vole and 1 Pygmy Shrew.And a very interesting micro caterpillar.

Friday, 8 March 2013

First Skylark

First returning Skylark today along with a mixed flock of 14 redwing,4 fieldfare,2 Mistle Thrush and 25 starling..

Thursday, 7 March 2013


An excellent Woodcock flushed from the field was a nice suprise,along with 1 lapwing north first Linnet for a Long time ,6 Stock Dove and a few small groups of Goldfinch...3 different Song thrush in full voice around the village,,,

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More Pellet stuff

                                                 Pygmy shrew skull found in LEO pellets
 Common shrew full skull and |jaw and pygmy shrew below for size comparison,both found in LEO pellets
i think these are from a rabbit found in Queesbury tawny Owl pellets,also Skin Moth larvae , large caterpillar skull and  frog legs found french jokes far 50 Tawny owl(thanks Bri) .5 little owl and 6 Long eared Owl pellets have been collected

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Sat morning took me up to gorple to see Water Pipit some great flight views but not a good view on the deck.Woodcock, the first displaying Lapwings and Golden Plover,Grey and pied wags,kestrel and HH made for an excellent morning.owl pellets are mounting up with 5 Little Owl, 20+ Tawny Owl and a possible Long eared to sort through...Little Owl Pellet above showing ground beetle cases ,skull bones and snail shell...