Sunday, 25 June 2017


Thanks for the photos Allan 

                                          Catoptria furcatellus This species is on the VC 103 list but the record is very old and no details ,so this record is the first photo record for Mull ....Nice one
                                                      Golden Plover at 2500 ft
                                                      Four Spotted Chaser
                                                  Small Pearl Bordered  Fritillary
                                                   The highlands from Mull

                                                            Whinchat just out of the nest
                                                                   Argent and Sable
Watched an Adult White tailed Sea Eagle at the nest site ripping a fish up and then taking it to feed young..... and Hen Harriers nesting by the roadside.......different world with a whole industry dedicated to watching Eagles , otters and wildlife....................Satyr Pug  and  Dotted Buff .

Friday, 16 June 2017

Duddon, Cumbria

Found this Oystercatcher nesting on the railway track ,3 eggs( last year it was in the same place 27th May 2016 and only 2 eggs) and this young carrion crow was ripped up by an adult male Peregrine..Loads of Little Egrets and breeding Goosander.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

House Sparrows

Its been a very good year for House Sparrows on hedge top lane this year with at least 8/10 pairs well on with there second broods, Looks like a couple of pairs of Swifts are in the village somewhere and one pair of House Martins were noted today. Great spotted Woodpecker  , Starlings , Goldfinch and Greenfinch have all got young and I watched a pair of Linnets collecting seed heads ...LBBGulls have been on the move all week and saw my first 5 BHGulls heading north this morning.
  Red Admiral and Speckled Wood in the garden.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Islay 2

3 different Golden Eagles seen very well 2 adults and a 2cy , 1 adult White tailed Eagle , 1 adult male Velvet Scoter , 1 Ring necked Duck , 2 summer Red - throated Diver , Male and female Hen Harrier , 1 Barnacle Goose , 30 Barwit , 11 Knot , 100 + Marsh Fritillary , and a few Adder