Tuesday, 25 January 2011


                                               Black Grouse Country

Black Grouse 13
Red Grouse 4
Red Kite    2
Buzzard 10
Raven  4
Pink footed Goose 2000 +
Greylag Goose        100 +
Grey geese(not id to sp)3000+
Mute Swan    6
Whoopers     4
Siskin 1
Yellowhammer 16
Chaffinch         75+
Goosander       1
Skylark 2
Woodpigeon    750+
Jackdaw         500+
Rook         300+
Great spot 2
Fieldfare    25.
Other........14 Fallow Deer,18 Roe deer,1 Hare , 2 Fox and a few Rabbits

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Last few days

Went looking for Linnets at swales with no luck but did  see 10 Fieldfare, 1 Meadow pipit, 2 Reed Bunting,3 Skylark and a couple of Kestrels.
12 Waxwings flew around the Police station in halifax town centre and 22 Fieldfare  landed in the back garden for a brief moment also a sparrowhawk  and Little Owl were seen down the lane ....Also 1 herring Gull has taken up residence on  the rugby field at Hipperholme.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Things..

 Opticron BGA 10 x 42 ,, I would recomend anyone buying a new pair of  bins for £500+ to stop and have a look at these first at £200.o they must be the best bargin around.

 The new bird table has at last been found by the garden birds...today in the garden...32 Collard Dove ,10 Magpie.1 wren , 4 chaffinch,1 cole Tit,3 Blue tit,30+ House Sparrow,2 Robin,1 Dunnock and 5 Blackbird.
Also 55 Fieldfare flew over at 4.10...1 jackdaw in the field today showed a white collar stripe..but I dont think its a continental .Just a bit of albanism....

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New year vis

12 - 1.30 

450 Fieldfare n/e
Redwing 150 n/nw
62 Common Gull bloggers
45 Pink feet n/w
22 herring Gull west
2 GBBGull west
2 Stock dove
1 Little Owl
45 woodpigeon west