Saturday, 29 November 2014

South Cumbria

Been surveying in South Cumbria recently and its a beautiful part of the world , under watched by birdwatchers for sure..Highlights so far have been Snow Bunting , wintering Greenshank (7), Little Egrets are common and Great White Egrets have been seen twice. Large flocks of duck 500 + Pintail , 400 + widgeon and 100 + teal along with large flocks of Curlew (450 +) Oystercatcher (200+) Shelduck (150 + ) .Purple Sandpiper , Twite , Marsh Tit ,  Water Pipit and Rock Pipit have all been seen.
   Raptors are always in evidence Peregrine , Buzzard , Kestrel and Sparrowhawk are common/very common. Red Kite (4) , Goshawk(2) , Merlin (10) ,Hen (1) and Marsh harrier (3) have all been seen.

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Woke up this morning went down stairs ...thick fog out the back window..3 small sparrows on the back garden step flew up ......looked pale...???? 2 minutes later 3 adult tree Sparrows on the back garden steps...I have looked high and low for tree sparrows in Northowram for 12 tears and then 3 in the back garden..amazing...Went outside and to my astonishment there were 5 adults and 3 juv/types in next doors tree. There were still there at 12 .15 but not seen since.??