Monday, 4 January 2010

Winter vis..??

Very little on the move this morning this winter vis or just birds moving between valleys looking for food.?
Redwing 20 n/w
Fieldfare 8 west
Woodpigeon 25 east
Bullfinch 3 north
GS Woodpecker 1 east & 1 north
Collared doves 40 from valley roost to back garden
100+ Common & BH Gulls all directions mainly north


darrell j prest said...

dunno a bit of both i think

Iain G said...

Lots of Fieldfare around last couple of days. Have seen a flock of 100 (possibly quite a bit more but very mobile).

Andy are you aware of the old gas works yard (or similar?) behind the old church in HX centre? It used to have (haven't seen it in a long time) levelled gravel and little 'spits'. May be worth a look.

AndyC said...

Sounds interesting,ive never been but I bet darrel knows it.??

AndyC said...

Ian ,do you get Peregrine on Dean Clough tower at all these days.They used to roost there on a regular basis.??Have you had brambling down there in Boothtown.?happy new year to you both.

darrell j prest said...

i think iain is reffering to the land at the rear of mulcutre road it does look good when it rains,also an area of land near sowerby bridge by the canal also looks good for lrp

Iain G said...

Yeah that's the place Darrell. Anyone had anything in the woods near there on the lower slopes of the hill (apart from syringes etc???)

No Brambling or Pere as yet Andy. They used to favor the opposite side of the tower. Happy new year to you both.

Brambling seems scarce this winter and even more so Waxwings.

darrell j prest said...


ive had a couple of treecreepers along old bank also great spotted woodpecker breeding in the summer

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