Thursday, 7 January 2010


Things are getting hungry with all this snow about.Today I watched a Carrion Crow attack a single Magpie it pinned it to the ground and started ripping it feathers out and wacking it in the head about 10 times.At this point 5 magpies started to surround the crow then 4 carrion crows turned up to back up there man.Then one magpie went for the crow which was still ripping feathers out of the magpie pinned on the deck.The Magpie broke free but the crow again caught it and pinned it down all the magpies and crows went for each other at this point and all hell broke loose,eventually all the magpies and Crows went off in different directions.I was amazed to see the initiall magpie fly off with little wrong with it except a missing tail feather.???....Corvids are hard but Wrens are really hard how do they survive in all this snow.??


darrell j prest said...

no camera then! shame sounds like a great sight to watch

I LOVE YOU said...


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