Sunday, 17 January 2010

Greylag Goose

1 Greylag goose in and amongst the sheep today was a bit of a surprise ,6 stock Dove,2 Herring Gull,3 GBBGull and loads of BH and Common Guls on the move west/north /west,1 GS Woodpecker and 30 Collared dove were the only birds of note one Ladybird was also a surprise as I searched in vain for coleophora cases on the local gorse bush.
21 Redpoll(yes normal redpoll )at EGP.


charlie streets said...

Andy, I notice in Tutt, the reference to Coleophora albicosta is wrongly indexed - it's actually on page 41 section TWO (not one).

"The easiest way to take C. albicosta is to beat the imagines out of sheltered furze bushes, on warm afternoons in late May."

No reason not to find the cases now though!


AndyC said...

Thanks Charlie,I found the adults in late May after reading the exact passage you refer to.
I went looking yesterday but could not find owt but they must be there.??
found plenty cases on juncuss at Cromwell as well.

I LOVE YOU said...


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