Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What a difference a day makes.....

Same counting period as yesterday
Starling 5 small squadrons = 102west
Redwing 7 small groups = 117 s/w
Bullfinch 1 male very high south
GS woodpecker 2 together very high south
Grey wag 1 very high south
Fieldfare 4 west
Jay 1 low south
1 male Sparrowhawk ,10 Golfinch and 5 mipits blogging.1 red admiarl also.Tomorrow may be big vis.??


Brian Sumner said...

You,re getting greedy now, poor DJS has been dreaming about Redwings all night.

Tomorrow may be good if conditions are right, DCB has promised us a load that left Flamborough today >SW.

AndyC said...

Lets hope so,