Sunday, 11 October 2009

Redwings and Starlings

The first thing I noticed this morning were small groups of stalings on the move low west from 8.00 till 10.00 along with the first big move of Redwings.A few waders are allways nice to see at this waterless site.
Starlings 458 all low west
Redwing 550 s/s/w
Golen plover 10+7 (17)west
Snipe 6 together west
Great sopt wood 1 south
Jay 2 south
Woodpigeon 70 west
Blackbid 2 south(high and calling)


Brian Sumner said...

Been a good season for Snipe this year and the first time that we,ve had so many Gt Spotted Wdpeckers moving.
Seems like a good site you,ve got there, do you still watch from the cricket field or from your garden ?

AndyC said...

I used to watch from just next to the cricket pitch and still do when the local bull is asleep in the next field down,The next door neibour was running through the field last May and the bull charged him and put him in hospital for 8 weeks.I do most from the garden or the cricket pitch after that little episode.