Tuesday, 13 October 2009

And so they came.............(about 2000 an hour)

Emley Moor to the s/s/e

A distant Holme moss radio mast

Perfect Vis Mig conditions looking s/s/e

Redwings were every where from first light,7.30 -8.30 at least 2000 were heading s/w... from 8.30 - 9,15 ...another 1875 were counted,700 + Starlings west,550 woodpigeon west.2 Great spotted woodpecker north,a flock of 20 Chaffinch n/w,20+ Mipits s/w ,1 field fare north,8 blackbirds west.Amazing ....33 a minute or 1 every 2 seconds for nearly 2 hours thats a lot of counting and i missed loads cos of the sheer numbers of birds moving.


Brian Sumner said...

The day vis miggers dream about, magic.

AndyC said...

I can still here um coming over now at 9.15..