Monday, 7 September 2015


When you get a text ,,Wryneck at Scammonden you have to go asap, I have missed Yellow Browed ,Woodlark ,Richards Pipit and Wryneck over the last few years so I had to give it a go. I had done all my work for the day and set off straight away.  A Lewis Hamilton drive and I was on the way down to Scammonden.
  I got out of the car bins and scope at the ready, a  bird flushed from the floor and landed about 8 feet away in a small birch tree..well blow me down a WRYNECK showed well for about 2 minutes then flew low down into the Rowan tree about 20 feet away. JB (the finder) turned up , at this point it flew onto the road but was then flushed by a car , and was not seen again..
  We then headed of down the track which was teaming with migrants..John headed off to have a look  at another spot and left me where he had first found the Wryneck...15 - 20 Spotted Flycatcher , 4 Redstarts , 2 Whinchat, 15 - 20 Chiffchaff , 1 Tree pipit , 2 Buzzard , 1 Sparrowhawk , 2 Willow Warbler , 8+ Blackcap and a flock of 15 Siskin....Brilliant ..Many thanks to JB....

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Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Sounds like a cracking day for ya and well done on the Wryneck.