Tuesday, 1 September 2015

France 2


Birds...A flock of 32 Black - necked Grebes was the most I have ever seen together , Melodious Warbler , Dartford Warbler , Lesser Pecker in the garden along with singing Short toed treecreeper most mornings. Loads of  Purple herons , Night herons , , Crested Larks ,Whimbrel and Blackwits, Spoonbills , Black wing stilts , wood san and little stints , fan tailed warbles and cetties warblers.
Butterflies... Long -tailed and Marazine Blue , Meadow , Glanville , Silver washed , marsh and Knapweed fritillarys , Brown hairstreak , Swallow tails ,White Admiral , Sooty and Small Coppers
Moths...Pine tree Lappet , Beautiful Hook Tip , Scorched Carpet , Burnet Campion ,Trebble Bar , Broad Bordered Bee Hawkmoth ,Black V Moth , Clouded Buff ,Birds Wing , Portland riband Wave , Feathered and Scarce Footman ,Coronet , Tree lichen beauty , Gypsy Moth and Rosy Underwing,Oak prossessionary  (to name a few)
 SilveSSilver Washed Fritillary

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Dave Sutcliffe said...

An interesting list with some nice little gems there. Back to the home patch now !