Thursday, 9 January 2014

More wind and rain

The two worst things for a birder are strong wind and heavy rain,,we have been blessed with lots of both so far this year..A walk up to shelf moor looking for Snipe was the plan as I was sat in the office looking at bright blue skies. First step out of the house and the rain started by the time I got to shelf moor it was tipping it down again a full circle of the Snipe field nothing...the second time round I flushed 48.1 Snipe ,49..1 mipit and a Reed bunt...thank goodness, I was soaked to the skin, a walk back down the hill via a couple of ponds produced a few Carrion Crows and 4 Magpies, grim was all I could think.. Relentless rain and wind stopped me identifying two finches that flew overhead.. As I approached the houses of Northowram I did a small detour through a small wood and fluked a 50...Goldcrest...Its been a real struggle so far but to reach 50 on foot is a good start.... On a brighter note a Lesser Pecker called once from a tall Sycamore on Stoney lane,just managed to see it as it flew off towards Crow nest Park.......

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