Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Magical Merlin and Half way

Well its been a bit of a slog(wind and rain ) so far but I should not complain as the birding has been pretty good. Today I picked up a raptor very high in the sky it was a falcon, it stooped (perry ??)very fast (too small)gulls and thrushes every where.I lost it somewhere down near old brods as it stooped behind the trees. Defo falcon but not enough to id it,kept watching and before long it took to the air again heading west a female Merlin beautiful..with Buzzards diplaying ,2 Mute Swans , 4 Reed Bunts , 3 Nuthatch and 1000 + Pink Footed Geese its turning out to be a bit of a good start. now will I make 61 species on foot in January,,,,its still maybe..


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Nice one with the Merlin Andy, that makes 3 female sightings local this week with Dave F getting one today at Ringstone I hear from Nick.

AndyC said...

must be this mild weather moving um from the coast ,