Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More Pellet stuff

                                                 Pygmy shrew skull found in LEO pellets
 Common shrew full skull and |jaw and pygmy shrew below for size comparison,both found in LEO pellets
i think these are from a rabbit found in Queesbury tawny Owl pellets,also Skin Moth larvae , large caterpillar skull and  frog legs found ...no french jokes please............................so far 50 Tawny owl(thanks Bri) .5 little owl and 6 Long eared Owl pellets have been collected


Brian Sumner . said...

A good variety of food there Andy, like the full skull from the LEO.
There is a frog pond at the Tawny Owl site.

AndyC said...

thats good to know,I have a few problems with skull sizes at the moment,some are massive but have the same teeth structure as some of the small ones???? ..so will update some more info on the tawnys soon.It will be interesting to see what else they consume ...