Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Little owl pellets

There were two species of ground beetle – Nebria brevicollis (F.) and Pterostichus madidus (F.), a scavenger water beetle – Helophorus sp., a dor beetle – Geotrupes sp., a leaf beetle – Chrysolina sp. (probably oricalcia (Muller)) and a ground dwelling weevil – Barynotus sp.
The Chrysolina is most interesting as, if it is oricalcia, it is very rare. Unfortunately there are only remains of the wing cases – a thorax or two would confirm it. If you have any further samples please drop them in the post and I’ll see what I can find.
Got this information from Mike denton today who analaysed the little Owl pellets beetle content,if any one is in the area of the Little Owl site and can find any pellets i would be very grateful for them.I have too much work on this week to do any birding .....Skylark singing yesterday


Brian Sumner . said...

Just a warning that the Green Lane Little Owl site is strictly private and well watched as most who have watched the owls from the roadside have been approached by nearby residents to check what they are doing.
Also hopefully the owls will attempt breeding there shortly after last years success.

AndyC said...

Ah yes your right,Little owls get easily spooked...will keep away till june..

AndyC said...

i did find a few pellets on the wall down towards bare Head tunnel,and along the road side..