Monday, 8 October 2012

Recent sightings

The last of the swallows have just about gone and the first of the winter Thrush's have started to trickle in should be a big influx of thrushes before the weekend .Pink feet have been seen the last couple of days and the pain of the yellow browed warbler was eased with a fly over Rock pipit today,another one for the self found list.For the last 5 years when Ive taken the kids to the beach ive allways chased the rock pipits till they fly over my head calling,it paid off today in the swirling mist one shot through calling 3 times.There were quite a few inland records today so there must be a move on.Snow Bunts next,???


darrell j prest said...

nice record of the rock pipit............always good to keep the ears open

Brian Sumner . said...

Well picked out on the Rock Pipit Andy, you,ve had some decent birds recently.
Good to see you at the garage today.