Monday, 22 October 2012

Last week

A poor week with no big arrivals of Thrush's and not many woodpigeons despite perfect conditions.On wednesday a very frustrating large  Pipit found in fading light was probably a Rock pipit,it was running around the puddles and tractor tracks and I got a few glimses of plumage a pale throat,streaked flanks and pale tips to tertials but no calls or outer tail colour.
4 Bramblings,2 whooper swans and a few 100+ Woodpigeons were the best of a bad weeks vis.A bit better with moths and a Common darter was a good find locally in late October...The beast of Ogden was a real treat..........


Anonymous said...

I could certainly do with Bramblings and Whoopers, well sorted.

AndyC said...

Yep its just this fog bringing me down.when I should be counting thousands of winter thrushes.Dropped the golden bollocks off today at Queensbury...proper fog up there.
Also bumped into Denise in the new tea room at ogeden,where the local mink was spitting at our dog..