Wednesday, 16 September 2009

When is a canal tow Path not a canal Tow path.????

When its a ROAD....???? I went for a run today along my favorite bit of canal ,long tailed Tits,floating around,Tree creeper,Kingfisher,Grey Heron Jays etc beautiful autumn sunshine and then turned the corner into roadworks.???Why are they building a road on the Canal towpath,has the world gone MAD, how have they got permission to build a road next to a LNR,I can only concluded peoples shoes are so expensive that the council have decided to get rid of all footpaths and build roads,the off road bikers will be over the moon about this ,a tarmack race course around the local nature reserve.Dear O Dear O dear.This is the end as we know it......................ahhhhhhhh....dont forget to tarmac those horrible old cobbled bits they are so uneven... our new pram form Next/harvy Nicks might buckle its wheels....tarmac our heritage....w*****s.

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