Sunday, 27 September 2009


Thick fog and drizzle put paid to any early vis,only managed a Chaffinch,1Swallow.LBBGul and 2 Meadow pipits in the gloom.Then had to take the kids to footie in todmorden which still had House Martins feeding young on the sports hall.On the way back had to dodge Godley cutting cos of ongoing roadworks and had to go over Shibden 1 Raven was a real bonus flying towards shibden Head.


Brian Sumner said...

Typical , that had to happen on Sunday after 2 wks good. Struggled at Ogden till I had to go at 10 and then it took up.

AndyC said...

Its even worse cos today Pipits were all over the place as i was off to work.

Iain G said...

I had my first near-home one over shib this year and there's been a sighting in the same area of two in the last week or so.