Saturday, 20 October 2007

looking out of the window this morning

Kids ill could'nt get out of the house.mass movment could be seen further south(above EGP)but too far away to id.Still very impressivehouse list.
404 fieldfare west/north/west
23 pink footed goose west
139 Woodpigeon s/w
373 Redwing w/s/w
275 Starling west/norh/west
17 Jackdaw
5 Blackbirds
1 stock Dove
2 jay
14 Golfinch
7 Chaffinch


darrell j prest said...

good stuff andy,you must have a good 'house' list now
keep it up


ps,it was the classic 2 bird theory merlin then kestrel.

AndyC said...

Its getting up towards 90 now,just 88 in 7 years.all recorded within half a mile of frount door.
The falcon was a good id mystery.