Sunday, 14 October 2007


The first movement of Starlings this autumn were going through in small groups of up to 50 birds and all were moving wnw.Mixed in with these were small groups of Fieldfare,Redwing and Meadow Pipit no large groups mainly 20 - 30.Common Gull and jays also moving in small numbers, a few groups of jackdaws heading west,2 Snipe, 3 Lapwing and the first woodpigeons(100+)all heading west south west.
500 + Starling
100+ Meadow pipit
150 Redwing
50 Fieldfare
2 snipe
3 Lapwing
100 + jackdaw
In the Garden
1 male Blackcap a first
1 great Spotted wodpecker high south
1 male Sparrowhawk
26 Goldfinch(over
2 Cole tit
2 Goldcrest

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AndyC said...

Speckled wood in the garden and a migrant red Admiral on soil Hill.