Friday, 19 May 2017

Loch Lee Angus

2 adults and a 2cy  Golden Eagles were seen about 15 times during our short stay also , 2 Ospreys , Red Kite , Merlin , Ptarmigan on Mt Keen  , Adder ,Weasel ,  Mountain Hares  Spot Fly , Tree Pipits , Ring Ouzel (20 +) Twite , Whooper Swan , Pink footed Goose , and breeding Widgeon , Dunlin , Teal , Dipper , Grey Wag , Redpoll , Siskin  etc..............A herd of 187 Red Deer was impressive but destructive...


Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Looks like a cracking day, I'm jealous. Love the shots of the hares

David Sutcliffe said...

Great stuff Andy. Scotland must be the best place on earth when it's fine, fantastic scenery and good birds too - but when it's raining !!!

Sok Sareth said...

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