Sunday, 29 January 2017

Last few days

3 Buzzards enjoying the sun today  , 2 Sparrowhawks and a KIestrel. Plenty Greenfinch  and  Goldfinch around and 14 Brambling flew north on Friday. Mistle Thrush have been singing down the valley and Redwing and Fieldfares have been feeding in the fields. The Jackdaw over the house going to roost has been about  218 and a flock of 800+ Starlings also going to roost heading for Brighouse mid week. Loads of small gulls on the move this week all west with 1 GBBgull , 6 LBBgull and a few Herrings. A small flock of 5 duck sp went past and I was unable to get a decent id ...I know they wernt Mallard or Teal ,,,,,,

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