Tuesday, 9 August 2016

France 2016

Cirl Bunting and Serin  (very Common) , Monty's harrier , Black Kite , Black Reds breeding , Cory's ,Sooty and Manx Shearwaters , Melodious and Dartford Warblers . Lesser Pecker and Turtle Dove calling most mornings in the garden . Kingfisher ,Spoonbill , Cattle Egret and a flock of 138 Black - tailed Godwit  over the house.  Pine Marten on the roof of the House , Coypu in local ponds with Cetties , Fan - tailed ,Great Reed Warblers and Black Necked Grebes ( 16 ) ,
   25 species of Butterfly in and around the Garden included , Lullworth Skipper , Mazarine Blue  ,Wood White , Silver Washed and Glanville Fritillary ,
And no need for a moth trap when all you have to do is leave the outside light on overnight 100 + species...The Passenger , Satin Wave ,Leopard moth , Waved Umber ,Scarce Hook tip , Gurnsey Underwing ,Dingy Mocca  and Lappet.....

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Bradshaw Rambler said...

AND you came home?

Sounds a great place Andy