Friday, 27 May 2016

Southern Lakes

                                                             E.Sangii  Foulshaw Moss (first record for the reserve)
                                                         Hooded Crow 
                                           Oystercatcher nesting between railway tracks ..??

                                                    Green Hairstreak  Black Combe
                                      Otter tracks showing digging out a Sand Martin nest

Nice to finally catch up with  the Foulshaw Ospreys , watched the male bringing in some new nesting material ...and also watched an adult Otter at Waberthwaite hunting along the estuary at low tide. Superb .....Plenty of Goosander and Shelduck chicks about  and found a small colony of Yellowhammers ( 3 siging males) near Black Combe .......................


David Sutcliffe said...

I heard Magpies had predated 2 small Osprey chicks from the Basenthwaite site with one chick remaining ! (unconfirmed report)

AndyC said...

No your right |Dave predated by Magpies , but Foulshaw Moss which is closer for us , has 2 chicks and one egg still to hatch.....(last weeks info)