Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Norland Moor

Had an interesting walk around Norland Moor today but the weather was not in my favour and I ended up soaked to the skin... The area is very busy with the General Public and in particular dogs and dog walkers. You would think that with all the disturbance that little would breed up there , and if the area was managed a bit better who knows what might breed there.! There is a small colony of Lapwings ( 6 + pairs ) next to  the western edge and they can be herd calling , displaying and fighting off the local crow population most of the time and 2 Golden Plover were feeding in a field close by . At least 8 Willow Warblers were singing from the Birch trees and 2 Lesser Redpoll were feeding here also.
   The number of breeding Meadow Pipit (30 + pairs ( maybe double that?) ) is very encouraging for such a busy location. 3 pairs of Reed Bunting , 2 pairs Linnet and at least 10 pairs of Blackbird , 8 Wrens , 3 pairs Dunnock , 4 Robins , 2 displaying Pheasants ,.3 different Skylarks were seen collecting food / nesting material from the paths and at one point one burst into song. A Green Woodpecker was also seen on a number of occasions feeding in the heather and on the ground.!
There are lots of small pools and a couple of pairs of Mallard were flushed from cover.


Bradshaw Rambler said...

Some good birds there Andy.
Worth the soaking?


AndyC said...

Cheers John.......