Saturday, 31 January 2015

Its ' Bean' a good week for Geese

Working in north Cumbria this week and there have been plenty of geese about ,Its common to see large skeins of geese across the sky heading in any direction. On Tuesday I eventually found a large flock on the ground totalling 512 birds.509 Pink 's 2 Barnacle and 1 Tundra Bean Goose a great find. Totals for the week were 4000, Pinks ,1 Bean ,20 Canada , 45 Barnacle , 10 Greylags and 12 Brents .
 Also this week  watched 3 Peregrines displaying around some Pylons there were 2 males and a female the first male was seen to drop something to the ground , and after some commotion we eventually found a dead Golden Plover with the back of its neck taken out..
  Along the hedgerows many Tree Sparrows , Yellowhammer , Reed Buntings, Redwings ,Fieldfare and Robins.

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