Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday ...............monday

heavy work load over the weekend so it was nice to be out today, another whinchat ,plenty Swallows heading south ,1 Snipe south and Mips south all day............Small copper, Large and Small Whites and Speckled woods still kicking around when the sun came out..

Went up to see if any lapwings were present at shelf moor,,not a thing except a few corvids,then two Whinchat poped up on the wall up by the horse paddock(not seen one in 10 years in Northowram then 4 in the last week..??)as soon as I got on um a female Sparrowhawk went for them ,missed and landed on the wall,it then jumped into the field and started hopping around looking through the vegetation.not see them do that before...needless to say didn't see the Whinchats again...........

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