Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Last few days

Raggalds Flood seems to be the place to be at the moment with, Dunlin ,  Shelduck ,Redshank ,lapwing Wheatear , Pied wag , all been recorded...Just shows what a bit of juncuss flush a large pond with muddy edges and little disturbance does for the birds...brilliant really enjoy that little spot.
  This morning a LBBGull on the cricket pitch was unusual for northowram just fly overs mostly. Taking the dog out this afternoon was the best so far 108 Swifts moving north in just over 2 hours was some spectacle  , I had to dodge um at least  3 times when I was sure I was going to be hit. awesome .
 Oystercatcher , Ringed Plover , Redshank , Common Sand , Lapwings(20+) , Snipe , Curlew , Golden Plover and Dunlin at Leeshaw was a great sight as well..


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you called in to see Brian. You've had a bit of a week to say the least!

Brian Sumner . said...

Great find Andy and thanks for calling in to the Queensbury M.O.T. bird coordination centre.

AndyC said...

Glad to pay you back one, you two have found plenty over the years..cheers

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Nice one on the Shelduck Andy and a good move of Swifts today for you.