Sunday, 2 September 2012

Little Egret and busy a Sunday

Up at 6.00 to empty the moth trapd a Campion and Yellow shell were good records for the time of year also the first migrant silver Y of the autumn.
   Then off to Jay House lane to do a two hour watch of the tree sparrow feeding station,27 tree Sparrows the  most seen at one time but there could be more than 40 I reckon.Good to see as I remember years when we had none at all.
                                        Thanks to Fran44 for pic

   A long walk with family around all three walshaw reservoirs  produced a new local self found bird LITTLE EGRET very nice indeed,in the next 10 years I am sure they will become a common sight,but for now only a hand full of records and still pretty rare.8 wheatear,1 whinchat and a Female redstart were a good supporting cast.

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Anonymous said...

Well done,top hole, bloomin marvellous.