Thursday, 12 July 2012

Yorkshire Specialities

The best place in Yorkshire to see these two species is Hardcastle Craggs,Top pic Beautiful Snout and bottom pic Devon Carpet.They have both been recorded this year despite the weather.Cheers to Bri Leesey for pics.


DJSutcliffe said...

I've not got into moths but keep trying identification with a few so it's good to see some photo's and id on your blog Andy.
Good do with the Hobby.

Nick Carter said...

You should try it Dave, its got lots of the aspects we all enjoy about birding, easy to ID spectacular species, challenging difficult stuff (the phyllosc equivalents!),migration, the chance to make a significant contribution to knowledge etc. The other real positive to me is the way everyone involved at whatever level is so keen to encourage and help newcomers, no obvious ego is
sues in mothing that I've come across :)