Saturday, 17 March 2012


The first Curlew for many years over the house calling this morning,also 6 Mipits(4+1+1)4 Goldfinch,30 BH Gulls and 2 alba,5 lapwing north,22 Fieldfare,1 redwing and 2 canadas.
Monday...4 Curlew n/w 25 Mipits north 27 common Gull west and 6 goldfinch north,a small flock of 16 finches could not be id'd high north,


DJSutcliffe said...

Next one a Whimbrel Andy??? I have a had one or two over our house over the years so a good chance up over Northowram in April maybe.

AndyC said...

you just dont know what will be next...a whimbrel would be nice.