Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Computer problems

There is nowt worse than your computer blowing up and you then have re-enter 5,000 moth records that you have just done..once is boring twice is insane,,,,,,
12 November
Starlings 158 west
Pink footed Goose 100 west
Redwing 40 south
Fieldfare 30 south
Lapwing 48 west
Snipe 1 south
Chaffinch 15 south
Woodpidgeoan 500 east
Buzzard sp 1 west
Red Admiral 2
Jay 1 ,Great Spot 3, Song Thrush 2,Mistle Thrush 3 and 2 Sparrowhawks around the village.


Anonymous said...

As a back up facility why not use Skydrive with your hotmail account? You have already used this to upload photographs a few years ago. The same principles apply to Documents, contact me if you need any help.

AndyC said...

Thanks Nigel,Go and see the Rough legged Buzzard near Ringstone its a belter