Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday low fog and very cold,

225 Pink-footed geese west
1 Herring gull east and 4 west
5 Mistle thush n/e
1 Pied wag high north
2 Bullfinch high north
1 Lapwing blogging
19 House sparrow on bird table,40 Jackdaw and 30 Carrion Crow in field
Not a bad day


Anonymous said...

Contrast my experience at Shelf Moor for 1-1/2 hours at 2pm. Hardly nothing: 15 Fieldfare, few Woodies, Stock Dove. Because there weren't any Lapwings I'd assumed you'd got the lot, which begs the question 'Where did they go?'

AndyC said...

I think they go to Southowram,when there not at nothowram/queensbry

darrell j prest said...

interesting andy

as i had 27 lapwings at southowram on wednesday in fields around coal pit lane also a golden plover on friday but no lapwings

AndyC said...

I have watched lapwings fly from Northowram to southowram and also fly from southowram to Queensbury