Sunday, 31 May 2009


Lunar Brown

Pale Prominent

Chequered Skipper
To say it rained Sat - Wens and one car with 3 Kids in the back scrapping all the time it didnt turn out bad.
Moths,Pale Prominent,Small Argent and sable,Scorched Wing,Nut tree tussock,May Highflyer,Lunar Brown,Nut tree tussock and Least Black Arches.
Birds...Osprey(loads)Golden Eagle(1),White Tailed Eagle(1)Black Thraoated Dive(2adults)Black Guillimot(loads)Wood warbler,Pied Fly,
Mammals....Pine Martin(a beauty)Otter(2)Red Squirel (3)
Butterflies....Chequered Skipper(12)Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary,Small Copper,Orange Tip and Green Veined White.

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Nick Carter said...

It might have rained but still sounds like a good trip. Three kids in the back, you not been telling us something?