Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another Buzzard

Another Buzzard today over the house,sent the local corvid population a bit crazy.Sparrowhawk,Linnets in the garden,Swallows,Chiff and Bcaps.


Iain G said...

Good bird that Andy. I've only so far had one for Calderdale and one for Queensbury recording areas (without consulting my crap records).

Thanks for LSW directions-nice one.
Had the pair together, some great views.
Only my second ever LSW sighting.

I pretended to be watching Woodpigs when approached by skunk-smoking tracksuits. They weren't convinced but at least they buggered off.

Also a Whitethroat singing on territory fairly nearby, oh and a Spadge Hawk.

AndyC said...

Glad you got the LSW there are a little jem.
Its good to see Buzzards increasing in our area, it would be nice to see them on a regular basis.