Friday, 2 January 2009

Sparrowhawk display

Watched a Sparrowhawk for 5 minutes in full display this morning over the local wood,wing flapping ,swooping and looping very impressive.7 Great Black backed Gull ,20 Common Gulls west and 15 Woodpigeons.The list so far.1.Blackbird,2Goldfinch,3 Blue Tit,4 House sparrow,5 Black Headed Gull,6 Dunnock,7 Bullfinch,8 Carrion Crow,9Rook,10 Jackdaw,11 Great Spotted Woodpecker,12 Starling,13 Magpie,14 Chaffinch,15 Collared dove,16 Kestrel + the four above makes 20 species.(not very impressive but this is the Pennines and all species are recorded within 1 mile of my house)

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