Monday, 24 November 2008

Whooper Swan

1 Whooper Swan flew north just above the housesat 1250.Yesterday afternoon saw a movment of 40 GBBGull west and 20 Herring gull west mid afternoon.25 House Sparrows on the feeders and 20+ Collared Dove in the back garden ,I saw a sparrowhawk take a Starling last week ,Great Spot and Grey wagtail have been seen flying over the house.
I also herd calls last night at about 9.15 that sounded like Crossbills.??????


Anonymous said...

Impressive Gulls there, especially GBBG

AndyC said...

They must have been moving in from the coast,

Dave B said...

Hi Andy

Agree, it seems to be just the time when GBBG’s are coming back in land…. Here is another report from this weekend (see vismig group JB/AH)

Sandwith Moor, Harrogate 22/11/08
Wind: N 15-25mph 1'C 3/8-1/8 sunny, clear blue skies with stratus

Greater Black-Backed Gull 11 S (flying high from Osmotherly direction through the
Vale of York) + 1W

Also there has in the past also been discussion on the vis group re Xbill movements at night.. here is an interesting posting. Your report from Northowram helps to confirm that perhaps they do indeed sometimes move at night?

Observer: P.M.:
Location: the Crossgill Beck track on to Burn Moor, Lancs.

””At 1115pm, I became aware of chipping calls increasing in volume as the
source became closer and then receding. This was compatible with a source
flying roughly NW to SE.

If this was daylight, I would have no hesitation labelling this sound as
calling Crossbills, even before I would have seen them.

Are there any references to Crossbills species moving during the hours of
darkness? No moon due to 8/8 cloud cover."”


AndyC said...

Very interesting Dave and many thanks ,I also whould have had no hesitation in the daytime in calling Crossbill,but at night you loose your confidence for some reason.??

DJSutcliffe said...

I have the same problem with some waders flying over at night in spring but mainly autumn!