Thursday, 16 October 2008

BIGVis-mig! Sunday 19th October 2008, 0700 – 1000hr

BASIC METHODOLOGY…… very simple!
Anyone in the UK can take part. The more contributions and the wider
the spread the better.
The "counting period" is as stated above, if you wish to go on
longer than 1000hr then do so but keep this supplimentary total
outside the "counting period" separate.
Count each species in increments of 15 minutes starting at 0700hr ie
incremental periods for us all will be:
0700 – 0715hr
0715 – 0730hr
0730 – 0715hr
and so on……
This incremental counting will enable immediate comparison of
results between each site.
Identify and count all of the moving birds you see or hear at any
distance using bins, scope or unaided vision and note their main or
various directions of movement.
Record basic weather as we are all in the habit of doing,
specifically noting any factors you may think are affecting the
movement of birds.
If possible take a few digital photos of your outlook / counting

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