Monday, 4 February 2008


137 Lapwings today between Shelf roundabout and Queensbury,if we get a cold snap they usually move down to the warmer climate of Northowram.1 female Sparrowhawk was causing chaos in the back garden this morning chasing starlings and Sparrows with no luck today.At least 6 pairs of House Sparrows were nest building this morning around the village.


Anonymous said...

I reckon I may stroll down to High Cross Lane to see if they have settled in the fields, like they used to do a few years back.

AndyC said...

They seem to be a bit hit and miss at the moment.I saw them before x-mas and this is the first time this year.They settled in the field with horses in ,which enabled me to get an acurate count.When they were flying about i only reckoned on about 80.