Sunday, 27 January 2008

RSPB,Garden Birdwatch Weekend
What a week it started with torrential rain then gales and then today at least we had some sunshine,and not many birds locally.Fieldfares and redwings seem to be gathering for there return flights to the north .It was the RSPB's big garden Birdwatch weekend with high winds it was difficult to get a decent count.-2 Blue Tit ,1 Great Tit ,2 Cole Tit,1 Robin,2 Dunnock,17 House Sparrows,14 Collared Dove,10 Starling,2 Greenfinch,5 Chaffinch,5 Blackbird,12 magpie ,4 jackdaw,3 Rook,4 Carrion crow and 3 Goldfinch.

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