Sunday, 30 September 2007

Looking for a Gannet

Feeling quite confident one was going to fly over the area as they seem to everywhere ele,I have been keeping an eye on the sky all weekend.Not a sniff surprisingly.Optomistic fool !!!!!!!
17 swallows south
22 Pink Footed Goose(west)
34 Golden Plover(west)
5 Skylarks
2 Little Owl
1 Very dark LBBGull
33 BH Gull
3 Common Gull
47 Meadow Pipit s/w
12 Siskin
20 Goldfinch
37 Redwing west/s/west
1 Sprwk
8 Pied wagtail
3 Jays (on the move)
1 wader went over and called once at 3.00 this afternoon(poss green sand)


DJSutcliffe said...

I find waders really difficult going over at night Andy. I often go out on still evenings to listen for waders. It's the less common ones that are really tricky. You were out early at 3 am!

AndyC said...

It was afternoon,but i have herd oystercatcher and curlew going over at night whilst moffing.